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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remember when being "diffrent" was a very bad thing.

Let me start off that I have nothing against "special people" it's just that if your gonna be going to a public place I expect you to at least TRY to fit in.

I was at the casino again this week for my wensday free play and I sat down on my favorite machine (breeder's cup) now theirs only two of these machines in the whole casino and so who decideds to sit next to me?This mammoth of a beast she must have been scaling in at atleast 500lbs and she smelled of 10 day old unwashed fecal matter and sweat and when she sat her fat  nearly pushed me out of the seat (not even joking)
  She then inserts about $300 and proceeds to blow it all ,now any normal person would be upset but her?She proceeds to ball out loud how she'll have no money till  november now well banging her machine causing her waves of to excreet this horrid smell that i can barely stand  till finally a security guy comes around and escorts her out of the building.

Back in the day those with "special" needs were separated from the rest of society because they were considered a risk to us all as well as providing nothing to society,20 some odd years later their now allowed to walk amungst us with "pride" that they're diffrent.

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  1. Yeah these people seem to have a "You can't say anything bad to me because I'm special and you might hurt my feelings" when did being socially inept become an excuse to do whatever you felt like without consequence.