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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back in the day video games were good and innovative.

Today I was lucky (or unlucky enough may the case be here) enough to sit down and play Halo reach today only to become servilely upset with the toned down kiddie story that offered nothing new and its radical change to MP by adding activated ability.

See back in the day when a sequel came out it wouldn't just be the same game I bought last year but rather a whole new experience,this means a story in the same universe but overall a whole different plot (no Fight bowser save princess for the 100th time),multiplayer would be the same thing as the prequel only with more weapons and cooler graphics and maps.

Instead halo reach was just a rehash of the previous installments somehow made worse with the only thing new being activated abiltys which just added randomness to the game.

Overall Halo reach is a enjoyable casual game ,but i still give it 5/5 angry old guys on porch {thats bad btw ;)  }


  1. Whatever happened to the good old days of street of rage 2 eh?

  2. True dat,was never to big of a fan of street of rage but I can admit its better then the crap there trying to give us now.